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Is the Spring/Summer a good time to get my chimney swept?

It certainly makes sense to get your chimneys swept in the warmer months. Here’s 6 good reasons to incorporate this annual maintenance task into your spring-cleaning job list.

1. Convenience

Avoid the usual busy period between September and January where 4 week wait times are not uncommon. Book a sweep when it’s most convenient to you. Burnwize is far more flexible in the warmer months.

2. Corrosion

Soot and tar that is left undisturbed in your chimney through the warmer months can slowly over time, cause corrosion issues (as its acidic), especially in masonry and metal flu liners potentially resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

3. Trouble shootinG

Burnwize will identify any visible problems early and have plenty of time to make any necessary repairs or order parts from the manufacturer long before your appliance is needed.

4. Nasty odours

When a sooty/tarry chimney sits unused during the warmer months, soot can become damp and give off a nasty odour. This is made worse in the summer months as the warm outside air pressure pushes the odour down to the property.

5. All systems gO

Enjoy the chilly early Autumn evenings by being able to use your appliance at a moment’s notice safe in the knowledge that its clean and ready for use with an in-date insurance recognised certificate.


BurnWize offers a Spring/Summer discount to reward out-of-season customers. Take advantage of our special offer: £10 off marked prices valid until the end of May. Contact us to find out more.

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer! Schedule your chimney sweep with BurnWize Chimney Sweep today and experience the difference. Contact us at 07811257253 or email us at to book your appointment and enjoy a safe and cozy home all year round.


Always use a registered sweep.

And insist on an insurance recognised certificate.


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